Digital Decluttering: Things You Need To Sort or Get Rid Of



The digital world, or whatever small space you occupy in it, can be as cluttered as the physical spaces you regularly clean and organize. But if you are like many people, you probably do not spend that much time sorting out the stuff in your computer, online accounts including storage in the cloud, smartphone, and other mobile devices. The reasons may be varied. And for some, decluttering sentimental items like old emails or messages may be hard to do. Like in real life, you might be surprised by the sheer amount of clutter you can get rid of if you take the time. If you want to start sorting them out, here are some of the things you can start working on to clear up your virtual space.

Find the space-wasters
You might be surprised how much space you can free up when you start removing digital files that are just taking up space on your computer or mobile devices. Schedule some time dedicated to finding all the space-wasters that the automatic cleaning tools may have missed out. Pay attention to old documents that you no longer need or forgot to delete before.

Sort and organize photos
Have you ever experienced sorting out digital images only to discover that you have multiple copies for some of them? You may have copies on your laptop, phone, USB, external drive, and in the cloud. Imagine the amount of space you can free up if you just store them in one digital file.

Declutter your desktop
Work can be overwhelming at times that you do not need the unnecessary stress of feeling overwhelmed by all clutter on your desktop. Opt for a minimalist look by removing folders and files.

Streamline your social media newsfeeds
The richness and quality of online interactions and friendships are not about having thousands of friends. It is about having more meaningful engagements with whatever few you have. Take some time to review your friends or contacts lists online and start unfriending if you need to.