Why You Should Build Better Social Media Habits

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Social media is part of many people’s lives in today’s hyper-connected world. Billions of people are part of at least one social networking site or online community. From keeping up with news to connecting with other people from around the world, social media provide opportunities for engagement and participation. But despite the good social media brings it also, as a whole, has its share of disadvantages. Uncontrolled use and lack of Internet safety awareness are just some of the challenges of posting or sharing too much information online.

Privacy. If you want to keep things private, you may want to rethink how much you are willing to share online. You may inadvertently or unknowingly share information that malicious online users and cyber criminals may use to steal sensitive information like bank account or credit card details among others.
Online safety and privacy issues are among the good reasons to avoid social media. Make sure that you know what you are getting into before you wade deeper into the potentially addicting world of social media.

Non-stop online chatter. Social media can be a constant source of non-stop noise or online chatter. Fear of missing out on the latest news and updates often lead people to spend more time than necessary keeping track of what is on their online news feed. While there is nothing wrong with following the news, spending excessive amounts of time online only add to the “noise” that may affect your focus on things that matter.

Time vampire. The digital world can be addictive. And once you get hooked, it steals your time away from more important things. It presents health issues, if left unchecked, especially when you stay sedentary for longer periods of time. Time better spent on physical activities is instead devoted to social media which presents risks on your wellbeing.

Additional work. If a typical workday involves facing your computer for hours, maintaining your social media presence could seem like added work. Keeping track of what is happening across different social websites may seem fun. But it eats up your time as you spend it checking in on your social media accounts or sites.

Affects productivity. Your goals are only as good as the things you do to achieve them. Time spent on social media that are unrelated to your goals is opportunity wasted to work on what you set out to do. It also steals time away from the things that can help you grow personally or professionally.